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We've all been in a situation where we're are on a telephone call and the person on the other end just can not understand something we are saying. Whether it's trying to communicate your address to a call centre in another country or trying to book a table at a busy restaurant sometimes our pronunciation just isn't good enough. Often we have to resort to trying to spell it out but even that can be tricky.

That's what the Phonetic Alphabet was invented to help with but it's hard to remember the correct words and making them up just leaves to confusion!

Alphonetic makes using the Phonetic Alphabet easy.

You can use Alphonetic when not on the telephone to remind yourself of pronunciation or pre-prepare full phrases or if you have an iPhone you can use Alphonetic to actually pronounce down the phone to the other party for crystal clear communication!

Alphonetic provides two modes of operation

* Individual letter - Either simply look at the grid to identify which letter to say or as you tap each letter it's pronounced out loud. Alphonetic can pronounce in both short form ("Alpha") or long form ("A For Alpha".)

* Phrases - By typing a short phrase in the Phrase Builder Alphonetic will build it up into a sentence for you. You can even save your Favorites, such as your post code or surname, for common use!

Alphonetic currently supplies two voices, Male and Female. The upcoming 1.1 Release will add support on the iPhone for recording your own pronounciations for each letter and playing them back. Please contact us with any requests for other new features!