Welcome to Dardan Software

We provide software design and development services for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac OS X.

iPhone and iPad Development

It's been near two years since the App Store launched and it's still the most popular place for mobile software. If you have an idea for an iPhone application we are available to develop it for you.

Application Idea 'Preflighting'

We often get contacted by people who have an idea for an application but no idea how to make it a reality. Our unique 'preflighting' service lets you talk to an experienced developer who knows the iPhone/iPad and Mac inside out and can act as a consultant for your ideas.

Mac Development

With the popularity of the iPhone many people forget that the Macintosh still has a thriving software market. We have the skills to create Macintosh levels of any complexity.
With several of our own applications in the App Store and numerous apps for clients we're a safe pair of hands for taking your application concept and making it a reality.

We've been developing for the iPhone since the day the development kit was released and we know it inside out.
At the end of the process we'll supply you with a written report on the feasibility of the application, any competitors it may have, ways to make it better and the next steps to take to get your application on the store.
We've been developing on a Mac for over a decade and for a Mac for several years.

So whether you need a standard Mac application or one which communicates with a server on the internet, get in touch and we can help.

If you’d like to talk to us about an application you need developed then please use our Contact Form.

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